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Shiv Khera You Can Win Audio Book Free Download REPACK

While it is often said that a person with a negative attitude cannot be helped, it is also true that a person with a positive attitude cannot be stopped. Life is an obstacle course in which we can often become our own biggest obstacle, but a positive attitude can be transformational. In one sense, this audiobook is a road map for a life journey in achieving more. It offers direction and can help you make positive decisions in a noisy and cluttered environment. Success is neither a miracle nor a mystery. It is the outcome of consistently applying certain principles on an ongoing basis.

shiv khera you can win audio book free download

If you're committed to your career and are serious about becoming wiser, smarter, healthier, and wealthier, you absolutely must own this indispensable audiobook. It contains the foundational principles anyone can learn to achieve success in both business and in life - the very best of Jim Rohn's philosophies!

Shiv Khera guarantees, as the title suggests, a lifetime of success. The audiobook enables you to translate positive thinking into attitude, ambition and action, all of which combine to give you the winning edge.


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