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Brides Wanted Movie ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download Free Hd

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Brides Wanted movie download free hd

Marishka's past life remains a mystery to all except her fellow brides, and her master Count Dracula, though it is implied she was a performer of some sort, possibly a dancer (which is reflected in her attire, and her flirtatious, care-free attitude). At some point in history, she was sired by the great vampire lord Count Dracula, turning her into a blood-thirsty vampire, and made to be one of his "brides". She is the second youngest of Dracula's three current brides, and as such is forced to carry out menial tasks such as slaying any opposition that threatens their master's grand plans, though she doesn't seem to mind. At the beginning of the film Marishka, along with Aleera, and Verona are seen soaring over the mountains to regroup with Dracula after a heated battle with Frankenstein's monster. They rush to rescue the creature from a nearby windmill that has been set ablaze, but they are too late. The monster is lost as the windmill collapses, and is engulfed by the flames. Together the brides arrive weeping over the loss of Frankenstein's Monster, the very key element needed to bringing life to their undead children.


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