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Assemblyman Charles Fall (D-North Shore) and State Sen. Jessica Scarcella-Spanton (D-North Shore) have introduced new bills in their respective chambers that, if passed, would exempt Staten Island residents from paying tolls when crossing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. Read more >>


Reservations can be canceled online in the reservation manager up until 12pm the day prior to your pass reservation date. If you need to cancel your pass after 12pm the day prior, system restrictions require that Library staff must cancel the pass for you. Contact us via Ask Us, at any branch or by phone at 206-386-4636. Cancellations will not be accepted the day of the reservation.

To cancel a future pass yourself, go to the online reservation manager and select the 'My Passes' button. Then select the 'cancel' button next to your reserved pass. After canceling, you can then request a new pass.

You can reserve one pass per 30 days from the date of your visit to any museum participating in the program with your Library card. Each museum pass includes at least two adult tickets; some passes include four or more tickets.

Yes. Every museum in our free pass program requires you to bring a printed pass and photo identification. You can print your passes at the Library. You can view or cancel your pass reservations when you log in with your Library card number and PIN. 041b061a72


그룹에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 다른 회원과의 교류 및 업데이트 수신, 동영상 공유 등의 활동을 시작하세요.
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