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Waitrose Font

What's the font used for Waitrose logo?The closest font we can find for Waitrose logo is Futura BQ Book, which is a geometric sans serif font designed by Paul Renner and published by Berthold.Sources & Links:Futura BQ Book Font on myfonts.comFutura BQ Book Font on

Waitrose Font

Hi there, I love expensify, and it works superbly for me. Except one thing. I often Waitrose for business expenses every day, yet their receipt never scans automatically. Anyone know if I am able to raise this somewhere? Must be a font issue or something, but just wondered if this is something I could ask someone at Expensify to look into?

We strive to find official logotypes and brand colors, including the Waitrose logo, from open sources, such as,,,, and other websites; however, we cannot guaranteethe Waitrose logo on this web page is accurate, official or up-to-date. To get the official Waitrose logo, please get in touch with Waitrose directlyor go to

With its edges and surface gently worn, the Mellifont range is ideal when creating an aged look. Coming in a choice of colours, paving blocks are available in a three-size mix whilst setts come in a six-size mix.


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