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Hum Tum Shabana 720p HD Movie Free Download - Movierulz

shabana is told that she will be working under new agents, rishi and karthik, at the same time as working as a kudo warrior. she is also told that rishi and karthik have a rivalry between them and will help her in any way to get karthik out of the way of her and rishi.

Hum Tum Shabana 720p movie download free

as the trio proceeds to goa, they are told that shabana will be going to a karate competition as the miss glamorama, and that karthik will be going with her as her security. the duo are also told to work under ravi, shabana's father, as they will be doing his job for him. after arriving in goa, ravi, shabana and karthik go to the karate competition, where they get to know that karthik is shabana's bodyguard, and rishi is shabana's rival. they are also given a chance to win the miss glamorama title, the previous holder being out of the competition, because the old one, rhea dixit, lost her memory, resulting in rhea losing the title.

in the next few days, shabana and karthik get to know each other more, and the duo are able to win the karate competition, hence ending the rivalry between the two. shabana also receives a call from her mysterious caller, who informs her that her father is in trouble, and she should return to mumbai.

shabana returns to mumbai, and is informed by her friend, apoorva, that her father has been kidnapped. shabana returns to goa to search for her father. however, she is found by rishi, karthik and a group of three goa goons. the goons manage to convince shabana that they are taking her to her father, who is in goa. shabana gets out of the jeep, and heads to the beach. shabana is left alone by her friends, rishi and karthik, and she spots her father, who is in danger. shabana then returns to the jeep, but karthik and rishi are gone. shabana goes back to her father, and is attacked by a goa goon, and is saved by her friends. the goons continue to attack shabana, and she escapes from them. shabana then heads to a house, where her father is, and he is attacked by the goons. shabana manages to rescue her father, and is left alone. shabana then learns that rhea dixit, the previous miss glamorama, is missing and believed dead, and her housekeeper, ravi, is in a hellish situation. shabana then heads to ravi's office, but is stopped by rishi and karthik. shabana is told that her father is the culprit who killed rhea, and that she needs to find him and bring him to justice. shabana then begins her search for her father.


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