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Buy 4k Movies Online LINK

Renting movies online is one of the most popular ways to enjoy entertainment today. With the introduction of home premiere releases, renting movies online has only continued to increase in popularity.

buy 4k movies online

With most movies, Amazon gives you the option to permanently buy the movie, or rent it in HD or SD format. Buying the movie stores the movie permanently in your Amazon library. Renting it usually gives you about 48 hours to watch it. You can access the SD option by clicking on More Purchase Options.

In both cases, you'll find hundreds of movies. There are quite a few gems if you don't mind sifting through all the listings. It also features the same standard rental options like home premieres and movie rental sales. If you love a movie, you also have the option to purchase the title.

In Google Play, SD is available for any supported device. You can purchase HD movies for laptops, Chromecast, Roku, as well as iOS and Android devices. UHD is available for supported devices and televisions.

Purchasing movies through Google TV is just as easy as anywhere else. All you need is a credit card, and you can start watching any of the movies available on the site in just a few minutes, or through the smart TV app.

There are movie categories like new movie releases, hot deals, or top-selling, but the interface for searching through movies leaves a lot to be desired. It's best to use YouTube Movies if you already know the title you're interested in.

You also have the option to purchase and watch YouTube movies using the YouTube mobile app. Launch the YouTube app, tap Explore, then Movies & Shows for a list of viewing options.

5 points per category -- with 5 representing perfection and 0 indicating abject failure -- for a total score out of 25. Also, to keep things as specific as possible, we've included both physical brick-n-mortar retailers as well as their online counterparts because, outside of store policies, the customer experience at each can be surprisingly different. Here's what we found, ranking the retailers from worst to first:

Target currently offers no in-store pre-ordering and, with a lot of space still dedicated to DVD, they are very hit and miss with 4K. New releases are usually in stock and have their own three-foot section, while finding older movies sometimes requires a search of several shelves and end-caps. Catalog title availability, even new ones, is quite limited -- if you're looking for something other than Die Hard, Men in Black, or the Jurassic Park Collection, you will likely be looking elsewhere. In terms of exclusives, thus far Target has only shown us the TV series Stranger Things, which was a frustrating double-dip.

Pricing is usually within a dollar or two of the competition, and they offer price-matching against local competition and select online retailers. Even better? Target allows up to 14-days past the purchase to make said match, and you can save an additional 5% by using the Target Red Card. Target's customer service center is called Guest Services and is usually sufficiently staffed to get you in and out in a short amount of time. It is their goal to ensure you are satisfied, so no reasonable issue is denied. Standard return policy on media appears to be 30 days for unopened items, or 60 days if you used your Red Card to purchase. offers a more robust variety of 4K movies as well as pre-order capability, but the search engine is a bit quirky. Much more damning, Target doesn't reliably ship discs out for release date (unlike other online retailers). As an example, my 4K copies of Gladiator and Braveheart recently arrived over three weeks late. Catalog title selection seems very limited outside of major releases; smaller releases will sometimes remain listed as Pre-Order weeks after release.

Much like Best Buy, Walmart also offers .com pre-ordering for in-store pickup, but they also occasionally sell digital cards for movies that give you instant access to the streaming Digital Copy on ahead of the physical media release. Walmart typically stocks all new releases, although we have seen some availability issues recently, including The Shape of Water and Black Panther. Catalog titles are available too -- our local Walmart offers four whole feet of exclusive 4K shelving -- but often require you to shop quickly. Walmart exclusives aren't usually separate releases like Best Buy's SteelBooks, but rather standard release plus some sort of trinket or toy.'s strengths and weaknesses mostly match its brick & mortar brethren, but there are a couple of advantages to using the site even if you plan on in-store pickup. In general, pre-orders are listed on before Amazon or even before the studio sends out press releases to sites like High-Def Digest. That said, pre-order pricing if often high and Best Buy tends to change skuid info, rendering early pre-order pages obsolete. Then again, pricing usually drops by release date and you get other benefits like selecting in-store pickup or to-you-home shipping. also tends to ship very early; I've gotten several new movies prior to release date.

Catalog titles can be a bit hit or miss as in-store vs online sales and availability don't line up and smaller titles can disappear from the site for weeks. carries over its Reward Card program, return policy, and price-matching policy from the physical stores, but their 888-number and online chat options are a bit cumbersome compared to other retailers. Free shipping is available on all orders over $35, but the site also offers in-store pickups to save customers a few bucks, here and there. However, it's worth noting that Best Buy doesn't offer free return-shipping and you have to be careful because they don't use rigid mailers for shipping. In other words, if you send something back and it's damaged, it's on you. Speaking of which, I wouldn't suggest shipping SteelBooks to your home, there's a significant chance they'll be dented or damaged in some way.'s 90-day return policy matches the store and you can return items to the stores or by printing a return label and shipping the item(s) back. Customer service comes in the form of a 1-800 number or online chat. Also worth noting: when you buy a movie at, when it ships, they will automatically give you a digital HDX copy to your Vudu account (not a 4K copy). See Walmart B&M Savings Catcher for details.

If Best Buy is the place to get a 4K movie right-now-today, boasts the largest selection of pre-orders, new releases, catalog titles, and even some rare/international releases... with one notable exception. Amazon often negotiates with studios by refusing to offer pre-orders on that studios' movies. For the last year or so, this means you can't pre-order new Disney releases (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.) and have them delivered to your door on release date. We've also noticed some instances where 4K catalog titles are occasionally on back order.'s customer service is excellent -- you can email them, chat online, or have them "Call Me" all within a few moments. (One word of caution: don't search online for Amazon contact numbers; Google has managed to rank several scam numbers claiming to be Amazon.) Returns are easy and often automated, given you the option to print a label and drop off the package at an approved location or to have a service like UPS show up at your door with a pre-printed label for you. Amazon's 30-day return policy is on the shorter side, but I have managed to push this timing a bit, personally, and Amazon often processes your refund as soon as the tracking number is scanned by the shipper.

Many movie streaming sites let you watch movies free online, but also many movies require payment. And sometimes you want to buy a digital movie to keep it forever on your devices. But where to buy digital movies? This post offers 6 providers.

Vudu comes as the first best place to buy digital movies, rent, and watch movies and TV shows. To discover the movie you want to buy, you can filter movies by genres and release year. Also, Vudu provides some free movies and TV shows. Besides, Vudu is available on Windows PCs, Android and iOS devices, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

Amazon Prime Video is also one of the best places to buy movies online. It offers plenty of 4K digital movies downloads. And it also works on Windows, Apple TV, and Chromecast, iOS devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Roku, XBOX, PlayStation, etc.

How to buy digital movies on Amazon Prime Video? Search a specific movie in the Prime Video app or browse for one on the Amazon website, then open the video detail page, select one from the available renting or purchase options.

Google Play store is another place to buy digital movies. It includes 11 movie genres and has a large collection of 4K/UHD videos. And you can stream Google Play on the PC, Roku, Smart TV, any Android devices, as well as iPhones and iPads. And you can download videos for offline watching.

Microsoft Movies and TV is another best place to buy digital movies. With it, you can buy or rent the latest movies and commercial-free TV shows, and watch these videos with the Movies & TV app on Windows devices and Xbox console.

US and Canadian customers can now buy 4K movies and stream them on Chromecast Ultra ($89.99 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window) , a Sony Bravia Android TV, or a Xiaomi Mi Box 3. LG and Samsung smart TVs are excluded, although Google also announced today that certain 2016 Samsung models now support the non-4K Google Play library.

In addition to the new 4K movies, Google is also bringing the entire Google Play library to its Daydream virtual reality platform. Owners of a Daydream headset, like the Daydream View ($94.99 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window) , and compatible phone can now download and watch all the movies and TV shows in their Google Play libraries in a virtual cinema offline. 041b061a72


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