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Mass Effect 2 Save Editor Romance ##HOT##

To continue a romance with Miranda, you must import a ME2 save file in which the two of you had a relationship. When you reunite, you can reaffirm your relationship, and then meet in a private room for an intimate conversation.

Mass Effect 2 Save Editor Romance


This is a great editor, you were just doing it wrong. You can edit all of those values, HOWEVER I am told ME2 and ME1 decisions are registered when you start a new game, so if you want to make those changes, start a new game, save as soon as you can make a manual save, edit it in the editor, then mark it as finished in the Raw section and start a new game by uploading it as a finished ME3 game.Works every time, and also lets you get 5-10 weapon grades as opposed to just 1-5.

You can download an ME2 save that's similar to your original save(in my case, a Paragon FemShep who romanced Garrus in 2) and edit it with an ME2 editor (had to change from Kaiden dead to Ashley dead, amongst other things) then import. There's a modified version of the Gibbed ME2 editor that's a bit more in-depth and user friendly.

The effect upon all save the guide was startling. Harley saw the look ofchilled wonder grow on Jimmy Grayson's face. Mr. Heathcote raisedhimself in his saddle and stared, uncomprehending. Harley had been deepin the desert, but never before had he seen such desolation and ruin,because here was the body, but all life had gone from it. He felt as onealone with ghosts. Sylvia was silent, her confidence gone for themoment. The guide laughed dryly.

Harley walked to the window and looked out. The night was black, savefor the driving snow, and when he glanced back at the room it seemed avery haven of delight. But the strangeness of their situation, the weirdeffect of the dead city, with the ghost-like shapes of its housesshowing through the snow, was upon his nerves, and he did not feelsleepy.

The Monitor commented editorially in its finest vein upon this tributeto conscience. It was glad to know that there were yet brave and honestmen; it was never worth while to despair of the republic so long as suchlofty and heroic citizens as Mr. Goodnight and Mr. Crayon werevouchsafed to it. The American people were frivolous and superficial,but there was a saving remnant, men who might almost compare with thegreat statesmen of Europe, and in[Pg 370] every emergency, every crisis, it wasthey who would make enormous sacrifice of private interest and save thestate.


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